Frequently Asked Questions


Please see below for some of the more commonly asked questions, if you need more information please call or email us.

  • What is it made from?

    The Fallbreaker is a high density polyethylene sheeting designed to meet the current safety needs in the New Zealand building industry.

  • Can Humpty's Fallbreaker be used on steel framing as well as timber framing?

    Yes. We recommend that you contact David, our Technical Support Manager, for further information on fitting the Fallbreaker to steel framing.

  • What is the timeframe from ordering to delivery?

    Please allow a minimum of 7 working days. We recommend ordering through your building merchant at the same time you order you frames.

  • Do you deliver nationwide?

    Yes! We have a distribution centre in Hamilton and can deliver anywhere in NZ.

  • Is Humpty's Fallbreaker a proven product?

    Yes, it has been tested and certified by a registered engineer. There are full details of our compliance here.

  • Can I buy in bulk?

    Most definitely and this is a great option for large building companies and franchises. Contact or phone 0800 486 789 to ask about the discounts for bulk buying.

  • Do you have minimum or maximum sizes?

    No job is too small or too large. Contact us to discuss your project - for large projects we may be able to offer you significant savings.

  • How does Humpty's Fallbreaker compare to netting?

    Safety netting, safety mesh and our Fallbreaker are all fall arrest solutions. You choose what best suits your requirements.

  • Do I still need scaffolding?

    Yes, you will still need edge scaffolding.

  • How do I take my Fallbreaker down after I have finished with it?

    We recommend taping your builder's knife to a pole and simply walk around the inside of your framing to cut down.

  • Can I leave the Fallbreaker on the building - do I HAVE to cut it out?

    You must cut it out prior to the ceiling being installed. Because the Fallbreaker is waterproof it is not a breathable product and must not be left on the house.

  • How do I dispose of this product?

    Humpty's Fallbreaker is a very clean, fully recyclable. If you take it to the tip please put in the recycling area. Some builders like to remake pieces into trailer covers, boat covers, sandpit covers etc.

  • Can I open a trade account with Humpty's Fallbreaker Ltd?

    Yes. Simply email your business and accounts contact details to